Saturday, 16 June 2012

A year's not long in showbiz...

So, as I write this post we are just 3 weeks away from the end of my 10th academic year working with Foundation students.  It's odd to think that those students from my first year are all now a decade older!

It is a great privilege to work with young people at this stage in their training - they are right on the cusp of something great, and being there when they take their first metaphorical steps on their own is an amazing thing.  They may be going on to other colleges for the next phase of their training, but they will always have been Read-ies first, and that is something that we are very proud of.  GSA, Chichester, Rose Bruford, AMTA, The Centre, Masters, Millennium, Tiffany, ALRA and anywhere else I've omitted, you all look after our Graduates!

We already have more students enrolled for next year than we've ever had before so we are limbering up to begin the process all over again, and in the meantime our wonderful year group of 2012 have their Showcase on July 4th and their Graduation on July 6th so as one thing ends another is already beginning...

Our enormous gratitude and thanks goes as always to our Dance Faculty lead by Helen Read (Eva Blanco, Jackie Cullen and Michelle Legg) and our Theatre Faculty lead by myself (Seamus Allen, Ellie Verkerk and Mark Woolgar) and all of our guest teachers, supporters and trustees, for doing an amazing job once again.

And so the wheel keeps turning...!


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