Thursday, 5 June 2014

Small and Perfectly Formed

Lots of things have been happening here at Read since I last posted, including the first auditions for our new 6th form course which opens in Septmber, and some interesting chats with our auditionees about their experiences spending an audition day with us prompted me to write this post...

The most often-stated (and also my favourite!) comment that we get from candidates during their interview with us goes along the lines of: "It's so nice auditioning here because you get treated like a person and I feel like you've got to know me". And that, in a nut shell, sums up the entire experience at Read College for auditionees and students alike. We are a small college on purpose, and that is how we will stay! There is no sense in growing and growing endlessly, when there are already plenty of other foundation courses in the market which have larger classes and are involved with their own three year courses, but this is in fact our greatest strength.

Without exception, the whole team from the Directors to the freelance staff have the opportunity to get to know each and every student in the school, and support them in their personal journey through exams, auditions, successes and rejections. Not only that, but our focused student numbers also mean that we can shape elements of the course to suit the individuals studying on it, so that there is no 'one size fits all' policy. That's why our success rates are so good, and also why our graduates are now at such a diverse range of colleges from Urdang and London Studio Centre, to Rose Bruford and Central School of Speech and Drama.

Our focus and commitment to the individual has also helped our enviable exam results too. This year for example, not only did we succeed in gaining our regular 100% pass rate which we have always enjoyed, but our already above-average Distinction rate soared to almost 69%.

For students and parents choosing a foundation course it is easy to see how a huge student body and premises shared by three-year courses as well can be exciting. But remember, bigger doesn't always equal better! For our select few they will be part of an experience at Read College that will challenge and train them, but also support and nurture them as young artists too.

If you fancy booking in for a private open day (again we don't do big, we do personal), you can contact us by clicking here...